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G653 14/12/1976 M.Sc. (CS) Srivatsasa RR dist Congrats Banglore
G739 18/02/1980 B.Sc Comp., MS IT Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here Bangalore
G792 14/10/1983 MS (IS) Melbourne university, AUS Vasista Hanmakonda Click Here AUS
G813 18/02/1984 B. Tech, M.S. Angeerasa Hyderabad Click Here Austin, Texas, USA
G820 11/01/1980 B.Tech Bhardwaja Hyderabad Click Here Secunderabad
G850 04-08-1981


Srivastava Kurnool Click Here   Bangalore
G855 25/08/1983 B.E. (Mech), MBA Kashyapa Hyderabad Click Here Oman


B. Tech, MS (USA), Connecticut Vasista Nizamabad Congrats Columbus, Ohio
G868 10/09/1983 B. E. (Electronics & Instrumentation) Athreyasa Buddharam Click Here   Chennai
G869 19/11/1983 B Tech Srivatsa Kadapa
Click Here USA
G872 02/07/1987 B.Tech (CSE), PG Dip. in London Kasyapa Hyderabad Congrats -
G875 09/01/1984 M. Sc Maths, B. Sc Computers Parasara Mangapuram (Kothagudem) Click Here Burgampad (Bhadrachalam)
G876 14/11/1983 B. Com, PGDM, (MBA) Kasyapasa Vijayawada Click Here Vijayawada
G880 12/06/1980 M.Sc, MPhil Koundinyasa Kadavergu, Cheryal Click Here Maddur
(Wgl Dist)
G881 14/11/1985 B.Tech Telecommunications Kasyapa Ananthapur Click Here Hyderabad
G882 14/01/1975 BHMS Atreyasa Warangal Click Here   Jammikunta
G883 16/02/1983 M.S. (Australia) Sreevatsa - Click Here   Sydney (Australia)
G884 02/03/1983 B. Tech Koundinyasa Nandur, Dist. Guntur Click Here   Hosur (Near Bengaluru)
G886 07/01/1985 B. Tech (Computers) Sreevatsa Guntur Congrats Dept. California, USA
G890 29/04/1986 BHMS Atreyasa Guntur Click Here  
G892 24/02/1983 MBA Srivatsa Krishna Dist. Click Here Hyderabad
G894 10/06/1987 M. Tech, NIT Warangal Bharadwaja Prakasham Dist. Congrats Hyderabad
G898 07/10/1985 BBM (Degree) Kasyapa Etoor (Nalgonda Dist) Click Here   Hyderabad
G899 17/02/1991 SSC, MLT Angeerasa Chintapally (Nalgonda Dist) Click Here Hyderabad
G901 26/05/1984 B. Tech Koundinyasa Warangal Congrats Hyderabad
G902 6/03/1985 B. Tech (Computers) - - Click Here -
G903 20/06/1980 BSc, BEd, MA Atreyasa Miryalaguda Click Here Miryalaguda
G905 28/06/1985 BE - Nizamabad Click Here   USA
G906 21/06/1985 BE Koundinyasa Hyderabad Click Here   Chennai
G908 05/12/1984 MBBS, MD Pulmonology Koundynyasa Kurnool Click Here -
G910 08/11/1976 M. Sc, Bio Tech Srivatsa Khammam Click Here   Khammam
G911 16/11/1986 B. Tech Mrutyunjaya Hyderabad Congrats Hyderabad
G912 12/08/1983 B. Com, MBA (Marketing) Shatamaharshi Bheemgal (Dist. NZB) Click Here   Hyderabad
G913 13/11/1983 M. Sc, Phd, IIT, Doing Fellowship Kowshika Nandur, Settled in Nagaram Click Here West Bengal
G916 03/12/1985 BBM Bharadwaja Bellary Click Here Bellary
G917 21/04/1983 M. Com, ACA Koundinyasa Hderabad Click Here   Hyderabad
G918 23/12/1983 Diploma in Mechanical Bharadwaja Jaggareddygudem
(West Godawari)
Click Here Saudi
G919 02/05/1984 B. Tech, CSIT,  MSIS (Australia) Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G920 18/12/1982 MS (CS) (UK) Angeerasa Suryapet Click Here   USA
G921 15/06/1985 B. Tech (Mech) Kashyapa West Godawari Click Here Pune
G922 10/06/1975

B. Com, ITI

Kashyapa Kothagudem Click Here Kothagudem
G923 22/03/1985 B. Tech, MBA Mrutyunjaya Vijayawada Click Here Cochin
G924 15/06/1980 MSIS Srivatsa Polavaram Click Here London
G925 13/06/1985 B. Tech Bharadwaja Nellore Click Here   Hyderabad
G926 15/08/1986 M. Sc (Organic Chemistry) Haritasa Manuguru (Khammam) Click Here Manuguru
G927 25/07/1985 B. Tech (ECE) Srivatsa Ongole Click Here Hyderabad
G928 18/09/1985 B. Tech Kasyapa Nellore Click Here Chennai
G929 12/11/1981 MBA (HR) Sankyayanas Mothukuru, Tenali Congrats Bengaluru
G931 08/08/1984 B. Tech Atreyasa Mandamarri Click Here Hyderabad
G932 10/05/1980 B. Tech (ECE) Valmiki Kakinada Click Here Bengaluru
G933 04/09/1981 MBA Kashyapa Warangal Click Here Hyderabad
G934 14/08/1988 B. Tech (IT) Gouthami Chennai Click Here Chennai
G935 01/02/1987 M. Tech Athreyasa Warangal Click Here   Mumbai
G936 13/01/1987 MBBS, MD, Paediatrics (Final) Bharadwaja Kadapa Click Here Kuppam
G937 24/06/1985 M. Sc (Maths), B. Ed Kashyapa Nalgonda Click Here   Hyderabad
G938 14/12/1981 MBBS Kousikasa Sathupalli Congrats Khammam
G940 19/08/1985 B. Tech (Discontinued) Bharadwaja Khamman Click Here Khammam
G941 06/02/1983 B. Tech, MBA Mrityunjaya Khamman Click Here Hyderabad
G942 28/08/1986 B. Tech Srivatsa Nizamabad Click Here USA
G943 20/09/1984 MCA, MBA Haritasa Kothagudem Click Here   Hyderabad
G944 12/12/1988 B. Tech Bharadwaja Karimnagar Click Here Hyderabad
G945 14/11/1988 B. Tech Kasyapa Mangalagiri Click Here   -
G946 26/08/1985 M.Sc (Physics), B. Ed Vasista Karimnagar Click Here Godavarikhani
G947 16/10/1988 B. Tech (EEE) Bharadwaja Kadiri Click Here Hyderabad
G948 12/09/1981 B. Com (Comp), MBA (fin) Gouthamahamuni Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G949 10/02/1986 MBBS & (PG General Surgery) Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here -
G950 14/05/1984 MS Computer Science Bharadwaja Mahaboobnagar Click Here   USA
G951 09/02/1986 MBA Koundinyasa Vijayawada Click Here Vijayawada
G952 16/11/1986 MCA Gowthama Kakinada Click Here Bangalore
G953 26/10/1986 MCA Athreyasa Warangal Click Here Hyderabad
G954 28/12/1984 B.Tech Srivatsa Kakinada Click Here Chennai
G955 09/10/1987 B. Tech (ECE) Kashyapa Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G957 12/11/1986 B. Tech Kausika Guntur Click Here Bangalore
G958 28/09/1988 M.Sc., MIT (Medical Imaging Technology) Athreyasa Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad