Tangilla Shesham Raju (Tenali), Kurapati Kotam Raju(Vijayawada), Sarikonda Venkatraju (Khammam)

This trust was started in 1984 and providing financial assistance for 30 poor students of our community every year at not less then Rs 1000/- each.

Flat no 141, JD Towers, Bunder Road, Opp: Autonagar Gate, Vijayawada, Krishna Dist.

B.V. Appala Raju garu, Presenting Scholarship

The funds of the trust have contributed Rs 10000/-. Further contributions are requested from close relatives, out side Agencies, lawful money from any individuals etc. Interest accrued on the deposits is being used for providing financial assistance to the poor students.

Objects and aims of the Trust are development and betterment of the Bhatraju caste students and people irrespective of the gender, are as follows:

1. Devotional classes are conducted by the Grand Masters of Bhatraju caste.
2. Yoga and meditation classes are also conducted as per the convince.
3. To take up health and welfare activities, education activities, physically challenged programmes.
4. To help the needy poor of Bhatraju caste.
5. To conduct educational seminars, establishing school for the moral and to try for the upliftment of the economically backward people of Bhatraju caste as well as other caste people.
6. Relief of poverty through promotion of basic education, literature, science, fine arts, computer education and all other technical and non technical courses.
7. To consider for granting of scholarship for the real students of Bhatraju caste who are in need of financial assistance.
8. To establish maintain and run student ship, scholarships and render other kinds of aforesaid objects of the trust as may be deemed fit.
9. This trust shall run without any selfish motive or any profit motive. This trust is created for the development of educational activities. These activities are to be done without any restrictions of caste, cread or gender.
10. The objects shall be independent of each one and the board of trusties as hereinafter constituted may, from time to time apply the funds of the trust in carrying out all or any of the aforesaid objects of the trust as may be deemed fit.

There are 34 trustees in the trust. All the trustees for the time being and from time to time in office shall be referred to collectively as the board of the Trust, who are lifetime trustees.

P. Jayaprakash Raju garu, Distributing Scholarships

The trust shall be managed and administered by a board of trustees consisting of five trustees constituted by the following persons.

1. Sri Kurapati Kotam Raju, S/o.Sri K.Lakshmana Raju, Chairman of the Trustee
2. Sri Nanduru Adinarayana Raju, S/o Sri. N.Venkata Krishna Raju, Vice Chairman Trustee
3. Sri Sarikonda Satish, S/o.Sri S. Venkata Narsa Raju, Secretary trustee
4. Sri Rallabandi Brahmaraju, S/o.Sri.R.Nurthy Raju, Joint secretary trustee.
5. Sri Prathigudupu Jayaprakash Raju S/o. late Sri Sobhanadri Raju, Treasurer trustee

The trust appeals all community members to contribute to the trust and help the poor students and thus the community.

Felicitating Tangilla Shesham Raju garu, at the Trust Bhavan

NOTE: Poor students of intermediate and above classes form KRISHNA, GUNTUR, PRAKASHAM dist. may send applications to the following address.

“Sri Ramaraja Bhushana Education Charitable Trust”
Flat No 141, J.D. Towers, Bunder road,
Opp. Autonagar gate, Vijayawada, Krishna dist.